The Sound Of Gaya - Composed and Produced by James Seymour BrettIntroduction

The Sound Of Gaya is a new vocal crossover project written and produced by
James Seymour Brett. Inspired by work on film projects, the album blends classical orchestra, powerful mixed voices and ethnic infused percussion and guitars. The material consists of broad and epic anthems, fast and powerful incantations and pure and simple hymns and prayers.

The Sound Of Gaya is a unique mixture of ancient-tribal song and chant mixed with classic orchestral accompaniment but produced with modern pop sensibilities. The album is aimed at classical crossover fans, advertising agencies, trailer houses, and the chill-out crowd.

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  • Meditative opening based on an ancient Sanskrit prayer for peace
  • Majestic, powerful vocal chorus Fast, pulsating incantations evoking the life-giving forests
  • Hypnotic and ritualistic cry out to the element of fire Dramatic orchestral hymn Rhythmic movement and soaring vocals praising the power of the sun
  • Spiritual, ethereal reflections on the ambience of night Touching ballad led by solemn, delicate strings Heartening, grand anthem accompanied by ethnic percussion and orchestra
  • Simple, airy choral theme Tranquil, passionate coda portraying the splendour of Gaya