Lead vocals by Dorothée Munyaneza
All other vocals by Dorothée Munyaneza and James Seymour Brett
All guitars performed by David Walter

Composed and conducted by James Seymour Brett
Orchestrated by James Seymour Brett and Adam Langston

Produced by James Seymour Brett
Project Coordinator / Associate Producer – Karen Elliott
Recorded at Abbey Road Studios
Recorded by Rob Houston
Mixed by Rupert Christie and Sam Okell
Mixed at Air Lyndhurst and Abbey Road Studios
Music Editor – Rob Houston
Mastered at Abbey Road
Mastered by Rupert Christie

Artwork by Joanne Nethercott
Photography by Ben Ealovega
Website coordinated by Matthew Adam Taylor
Website designed by Adam Rhodes (BackBeat Design)

Published by Future Fire Ltd
Copyright Future Fire Ltd © 2007